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Maxine Justice: Galactic Attorney

Can Justice Save the Earth from Extinction?


Maxine Justice is an ambulance-chasing lawyer desperate for relevance and cash when aliens hire her to represent them before the United Nations. An off-planet consortium wants to heal humanity of every natural disease in exchange for 30% of Earth’s gold reserves.

The deal launches Max to legal stardom and makes her an international target for assassins. New Pharma, Sky Cross, MediCorp—the big medical companies all have good reasons to want Max out of the way. Worse, she discovers her alien clients may be planning something more sinister than anyone has imagined.

Can a lawyer who failed the bar exam three times find some way to save the world from global and interstellar conspiracies? Or will humankind’s future end in a galactic courtroom?

Tosca Lee

New York Times bestselling author

Reviews Maxine

“A shot of suspense and a dash of pulp crime bitters—okay, maybe two shots—Maxine Justice: Galactic Attorney is a clever cocktail of courtroom procedural and science fiction. With snappy prose and irreverent characters, Schwabauer has created an unputdownable, utterly addictive tale that is pure fun to read. I don’t know where Schwabauer gets his ideas, but I want to go there.”

Publishers Weekly’s

Starred Review

“The eponymous heroine of this electrifying speculative legal thriller from Schwabauer (Operation Grendel) navigates a corporatized near-future dystopia. … Schwabauer hooks readers from the start with immersive worldbuilding and a feisty, determined heroine, and keeps the pages turning with consistently rising stakes. This is a winner.”

Readers Rave About Operation Grendel

“I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished the book. And when I was done, I wanted to read it again.”

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