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  • Grade/Middle Schools
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Students: Programs are offered to any group fourth grade or above.

Adults: Advanced presentations are available for college students and adults.


45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the age of the audience.

Audience Size

I will speak to any size audience. However, I prefer smaller groups of fewer than 50 in a library, or similar setting, where I can provide individual attention and interaction.


Presentation are always adapted to the needs of the conference or school and include time for questions and answers, as well as autographing, if desired. Various presentation topics are listed below.

The Write Questions

Writing is about asking questions and following the answers to interesting places. We explore the “write” questions I ask myself when I am creating a story. Includes short readings from my books.

Storytelling from the Silver Screen

22 clips from blockbuster movies are used to illustrate the basic techniques of master storytellers.

Growing a Book

How is a book produced? From concept to print, I show how a book is created. Original materials from comic book and novel production are displayed. I discuss rejection and perseverance woven into the session.

Young Writer’s Workshop

I explain the five elements of every good story and lead the class in creating a collective story.

Rejections and Perseverance

Rejection and perseverance are part of any writer’s life. I share my experience and talk about the importance of never giving up – no matter what dream you are pursuing.

Great Characters

How do writers create story characters who feel real, move an audience, and propel the plot forward through memorable action and dialogue?

Story Mistakes

Beginning novelists tend to make many of the same mistakes. Mr. Schwabauer will discuss the most common story problems he sees in contest submissions.

Living with a Writer

Writing can be a lonely, frustrating endeavor. Teens are especially prone to feel misunderstood–and even weird–in a world that often doesn’t appreciate their passion, abilities and calling.

Four Layers of Meaning

Secular and Christian novelists alike misunderstand how meaning impacts a reader’s enjoyment of story. Once the four layers of meaning are explained, it is much easier for young writers to separate message from method. They are also better prepared to tell stories that impact the culture.

Good to Great

Where do ideas come from, and how do writers shape good ideas into great ones?

The Road to Publishing

Gatekeepers and the future of publishing.

Where Do I Go From Here?

How to apply what you’ve learned as a writer to the passion that makes life worth living.


It is with pleasure that I recommend Daniel Schwabauer as a guest speaker for your classroom or conference. As a public school teacher and coach, I can say with confidence that Dan has the presence, vocabulary and intelligence to make an impact as a speaker in the classroom. He has a very strong background in creative writing and he has an ability to capture an audience with insight into deep thinking issues.

Dan is able to use his gift of communication to get all people involved in higher level thinking topics. Any level of education can benefit by having a speaker like Dan in their classroom, especially classes focusing on writing, language use, reading and other areas of communication.

I had Dan come to speak to my students from the perspective of writing a book. As an award-winning author, Dan was able to share his experiences and answer questions from my students. The students talked about Dan for several days after his visit, and they grew to value writing in their personal lives from that experience.

John Dunaway,

Public School Teacher – 21 years

School and Private Coach – 20 years


Email: Dan@DanSchwabauer

Presentation Set-up / Equipment Needs

1. A powerpoint projector*

2. A big screen*

3. Option to dim the lights*

4. A table at the front of the room for books and visual aids

5. Students who have questions ready to ask. This makes the time more valuable to students.

* for “Storytelling” presentation only

Contact: Dan@DanSchwabauer.com

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